ZNC S6 High Pressure Car Washer / Bike Washer

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ZNC S6 High Pressure Car Washer is the perfect assistant for you to clean your car, bike, garage floor, pavements and so on.


Brand: ZNC
Model: S6
Power Consumption: 1500 Watt
Warranty: 6 Month (Servicing)


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ZNC S6 High-Pressure Car Washer / Powerful Bike Washer Machine Set

ZNC S6 High Pressure Car Washer design is designed according to European standards, small machine, super durable plastic body, smooth operation, easy to install and move during use, ZNC S6 washing machine saves power water and extremely high pressure help you quickly clean the surface to wash without spending too much water. Just 1.5 buckets of water you can cleanly wash a scooter. Spray off the mud on the vehicle, do not have to rub, the machine itself, when the tube has air, do not have to squeeze the primer like other common types.

You need water to flow at high pressure to clean the stubborn dirt and mud that sticks to your car chassis and wheels. ZNC S6 High Pressure Car Washer is the perfect assistant for you in this regard. The high-pressure motor of water ensures that you remove the grease stains with ease. You get an excellent job without exerting too much. Direct the nozzle towards the areas you want to clean and you have your job done in minutes. 

You can use this ZNC S6 High Pressure Car Washer Machine clean your cars, two-wheelers, window grilles, garden pavements, patios, and so on. Here are some of the fascinating features of this pressure washer.

Features and Advantages:

1. Small and space saving size.
2. High power induction motor, no contact, lower the noise.
3. Multiple water spray mode to meet different needs.
4. All copper Induction motor, super strong water pressure.
5. Easy to Operate, Convenient to transport. Best choice for home use.
6. Vacuum seal technology ensures no engine oil burning, easy to maintain.
7. Overheat protection, overloading protection, electricity leakage protection.
8. It can continuously wash 1 to 6 cars.

Specifications of High Pressure Car Washer:

1. Motor Type: Induction Motor
2. Motor Coil Material: 100% Copper
3. Pump: Oblique Plate Plunger Pump
4. Motor Cooling Method: Air Cooling
5. Leakage Protector: Yes
6. Rated Voltage: 220-240 Volt
7. Frequency: 50-60Hz
8. Rated Power: 1500w
9. Working Pressure: 60-100bar
10. Water Flow: 360L/H
11. Dimension: 32 x 17 x 23.5 cm
12. Weight: 11kg (Approx.)

Package Includes:

1. Pressure Machine
2. Spray Gun
3. High Pressure Pipe
4. Quick Joint
5. Water Inlet Pipe
6. Filter Net

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