N99 Laptop Cooling Pad with 2 Fans

৳ 750.00

Cooling Pad for Laptop and Notebook with Built-In Powerful Fan for Easy Thermal Heat Dissipation. It is designed to protect your Laptop and Notebook PC from over heat with 2 noiseless powerful fans with convenient USB port. Fan size is suitable for all laptops especially screens 15 and 17. Stainless steel fan surface, plastic fan body. Excellent cooler to keep your laptop running smoothly. Stylish Design with lighting system.


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N99 Laptop Cooling Pad with 2 Fans

A masterpiece of laptop cooling pad N99 Cooling Pad can adjust the tilt with many different distances – The hottest product of the year. Summer is also the time when the heat sink market becomes more exciting than ever. To protect your beloved laptop computer from overheating when working continuously for many hours, just give them a laptop heat sink base right away.

The surface of the N99 radiator base is designed as a mesh made of alloy material painted on the outside to prevent rust and oxidation when used long term, ensuring aesthetics. Exterior frame made of glossy plastic material is quite durable, resistant to impact. The bottom is a lot of open grooves to help hot air circulation and good air convection for laptops.

Like the common laptop heat sinks on the market that only have 1 single point to adjust the fixed tilt, with N99 you can adjust up to 5 levels from 0 degrees to 45 degrees to suit the needs. In addition, to prevent the laptop from being slippery when placed on the surface of the heat sink with a large noise level, the Cooling pad N99 has an additional footrest in the middle with a length of 10cm that can be folded in and out.

Two large blowers designed in the center with a size of 12cm per fan, large fan power helps to cool the laptop and cool effectively quickly. Convenient USB port plugging device and when plugged in, there will be an eye-catching blue LED light.

Features and Advantages:

1. Stylish Design with lighting system.
2. USB Laptop Cooling Pad with Built-In Powerful 2 Noiseless Fan.
3. N99 heat sink base with metal grille with large air vents to increase heat dissipation.
4. Notebook Cooler Pad N99 easily connects via USB 2.0It is Designed to Protect Your Laptop and Notebook from Over Heat.
5. Laptop Cooling Pad N99 cooling base has a relatively compact design, youthful style.
6. The N99 laptop cooling pad is a solid and classy frame shape with a simple but beautiful design that easily attracts users at first sight.
7. The base uses two cooling fans with a relatively high rotation speed. Helps optimize cooling, especially when you run a heavy application that heats up the device.


1. Model: N99
2. Fans: 2 Fan
3. Dimensions: 360 x 260 x 30mm
4. Fan Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 15mm
5. Adjustable Speed: 750 to 1500RPM
6. Air Pressure: 0.45-1.35mmH20
7. Cooling: 23 to 44CFM
8. Fan Noise: 11DBA (Min.)
9. Current: 0.3A
10. Voltage: 5V DC
11. Power: 3W
12. Net Weight: 1Kg.

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