Maternity Belt / Pregnancy Belt

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Maternity belt are rigid belts that wrap around the abdomen to help support the lower back, pelvis, hips, and abdomen during pregnancy. Maternity belt typically sit on top of clothing, although some people may wear them underneath.


Brand: Sibote
Size: Standard


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Maternity Belt / Pregnancy Belt / Belly Support Belt for Pregnant Women

Maternity belly support belt – protect the fetus and relieve back discomfort. Pregnancy Maternity support belt helps alleviate lower back pain due to pregnancy by supporting the lumbar and abdominal regions. Constructed of a multi-layered laminate with cotton and nylon lining, it is fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. Baby Safe Maternity Support Belt is fashionable and functional. Elastic side panels add compression and ventilation. Abdominal lift attachment gives lift without unnecessary pressure. Built-in stays hold the support in place and prevent the belt from rolling. It hides well under clothing.

Made from lightweight ventilated feather finish elastic and durable foam laminated fabric mesh, that is cool and soft to the skin. Constructed in two parts and fully adjustable to accommodate abdominal growth throughout pregnancy. Additional diagonal belt ensures that the pregnancy support belt is in the proper position. Comfortable and inconspicuous when in use Typical Uses for the Maternity Belly Support Belt. Helps to balance the body weight by gently lifting the extended abdomen and transferring some of its weight from the front over the pelvis to back of the spine. Relieves lumbar, leg and abdomen muscle pain associated with pregnancy. Provides gentle support with maximum comfort without undesirable pressure. Instant relief from lower back pain. Completely adjustable for use during the whole pregnancy cycle. Super strong material for a secure fit, while still being completely discreet if you wear it under your work clothes.


1. Designed for pregnant women.
2. Reducing the pressure on the bladder.
3. Able to improve the circulation in the pelvic region.
4. Able to lower back support and hold the spine.
5. Keep your back joint safe.
6. Keep your body shape beautiful.
7. Remove light back pain and the pain of backbone.
8. Made of neoprene and nylon.

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