• Mini Writing MagPad / Magnetic Drawing Board for Kids

    The Magnetic Drawing Board is a wonderful learning tool that provides an immersive, early writing lesson. It can develop children’s imagination, painting and design talent.


    1. Size: 8.6 x 6.9 x 1.0 inch (L x W x H)
    2. Ball Quantity: 380pcs
    3. Color: Black or Red
    4. For ages: Above 3 Years Old
    5. Origin: China


    সরাসরি কল করেও অর্ডার করতে পারেন – ০১৯৪৫১৪৭৮৮৭

    ৳ 800
  • WILLBABY Baby Carrier Bag

    WILLBABY Baby Carrier Bag is soft and built with high quality material to carry your baby in a safe. Removable head support gives the newborn extra head protection and allow discreet breast feeding. 


    Brand: WILLBABY
    Weight Capacity: 3.5kg – 13kg
    Age Limit: 3 to 12 Months
    Colors: Blue, Red or Chocolate


    সরাসরি কল করেও অর্ডার করতে পারেন – ০১৯৪৫১৪৭৮৮৭

    ৳ 1,450
  • Child Safety Anti Lost Wrist Strap

    Child safety anti lost strap are designed to keep your kids close to you during travel in public with crowed people. It is safe and comfortable for children and adults. Anti-lost wrist band can be adjusted according to your needs.


    Color: Pink, Blue, Orange, Green
    MOQ: 2pcs


    সরাসরি কল করেও অর্ডার করতে পারেন – ০১৯৪৫১৪৭৮৮৭


    ৳ 450৳ 700
  • LCD Writing Tablet / Electronic LCD Drawing Board (8.5 Inch)

    This LCD Writing Tablet Pad is a reusable, reliable and environmentally friendly alternative to using paper to draw, write, take memos and can help with so much more. It’s a Perfect Writing Tablet for Kids and Adults!


    Screen Size: 8.5 inch
    Color: Black, Green, Blue, White


    সরাসরি কল করেও অর্ডার করতে পারেন – ০১৯৪৫১৪৭৮৮৭


    ৳ 650৳ 800
  • Baby Bouncer Chair / Baby Rocking Chair

    Baby Bouncer Chair or Rocking Baby Bouncer is a versatile, relatively inexpensive piece of baby equipment that your baby can use from day one. It’s especially helpful in the early days as a safe place to lay your newborn while you grab a bite to eat or take a shower just bring the lightweight seat into the bathroom.


    সরাসরি কল করেও অর্ডার করতে পারেন – ০১৯৪৫১৪৭৮৮৭

    ৳ 1,500৳ 1,800
  • Chicco Soft and Dream Baby Carrier

    The Chicco Soft & Dream Baby Carrier ensures comfort for babies of all ages. It offers 3 different carry positions: the “sleep well” lying position, particularly recommended for the first months, facing mummy, and facing forward. New enforced backrest for a perfect weight distribution.


    1. Brand: Chicco
    2. Imported from: China
    3. Target Gender: Unisex
    4. Recommended Age: 0-9 Months
    5. Maximum weight recommendation: up to 9kg


    সরাসরি কল করেও অর্ডার করতে পারেন – ০১৯৪৫১৪৭৮৮৭ 

    ৳ 2,000

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